Water Damage Photo Gallery

volume of water, a large spill, on a carpet in an office area

Zenith Water-Logged Office

A broken water fountain can dump a large amount of clean water on a floor in a Zenith office in a short amount of time. Our SERVPRO crew can move around the desks, chairs, and other content to mitigate the water damage. We can also place blocks of high-density foam under the legs to protect them. Then we can start to remove the water.

Dehumidifiers Remove Moisture From Air

Dehumidifiers are used to remove the moisture in a building structure. When used with Air Movers, dry air wicks away moisture on the surface of building materials and allows the structure to get back to it's original moisture levels.

Soft Goods Finishing Station

Did you know we restored soft goods as well as Building Structures?

Here's a look at our in house finishing station where clothing and garments are given their final touches before being returned. 

Ready for Whatever Happens

Our Green trucks can be seen on the highways of the Seattle Area every day of the week.  If you find yourself in need of Property Damage Restoration please reach out to us.

Content Packing In House

Contents are sometimes overlooked when there is damage to a property.  We stock all of the supplies needed for our Team members to pack out your items to be stored while restoration occurs.

SERVPRO Employee Certifications

SERVPRO of Federal Way employee certifications for various services we provide.  We are proud to support our Team members with regular Industry Training throughout the year.  Skills and Training are the Value we bring to you.