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Significant Losses in Federal Way Require Special Water Removal Tools

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

Inside of warehouse SERVPRO is your go-to team for commercial water damage restoration.

Water Removal for Offices and Warehouses 

Commercial properties of all types are susceptible to water damage and unexpected disasters that require fast mitigation. From the warehouses and production facilities of the city to multiple office buildings and retail locations, the quick response of SERVPRO professionals remains the same. We provide removal solutions to help with:

  • Surface water
  • Migrating moisture
  • Water-damaged materials
  • Humid environments

Removing Pooling Water on Flooring

Water removal for Federal Way office buildings and businesses often starts with a wide area contending with surface water threats. Standing water is a huge issue for the structure, as this can quickly absorb into porous materials like carpeting and drywall, creating considerable deterioration concerns. We have several extractors to help, most being pumps or vacuums. 

Clearing Water in Structural Cavities

Structural cavities can hold water when pipe bursts or leaks occur with the plumbing hidden in the ceiling or wall assemblies. We utilize weep-holes to drain and allow water circulation, but positive and negative pressure systems have the most significant drying impact on these vulnerable spaces.

Eliminating Saturated Building Materials 

Another potential form of water removal services for offices or production facilities is controlled demolition and bulk material removal. It does not take long for exposed materials to become heavier from saturation and collapse or degrade. Bulk material removal prevents more significant environmental moisture and helps eliminate surfaces likely to experience mold. 

Managing Environmental Moisture 

Yet another type of water removal necessary for your business is reducing humidity. Damp conditions can be destructive to documents, furniture, and other contents. Additionally, moisture can be welcoming to microbial development and mold damage. We have multiple dehumidifiers to manage this concern, including a large, trailered desiccant unit.

Water removal for our Large Loss team can mean several approaches and tools. We work fast to eliminate as much water as possible and make disasters “Like it never even happened.” Trust our SERVPRO of Federal Way professionals to help when you need it at (253) 838-8999.

My Flower Shop in Federal Way Has Mold – What Should I Do?

7/24/2022 (Permalink)

a mold covered ceiling of a room If you find mold in your shop you need to deal with it quickly. Contact SERVPRO for professional advice and for remediation services.

SERVPRO Can Seek Out the Source of the Mold and Provide Remediation

Federal Way is the ninth-largest city in Washington. Originally a logging town, it is now a modern city and home to over 96,000 people. There are many businesses and shops in the area, and every one of them can be prone to mold infestation.

My Backroom Cabinet Has Mold – Can It Be Removed?

 A flower shop can be the perfect environment for mold growth if there is high humidity. Plants and flowers need water, and that is a crucial component of mold infestation. If you discovered mold in your Federal way cabinet while putting away supplies, the source of the moisture needs to be found. You may have a hidden leak or something spilled and seeped in between the cabinet and the wall, causing water damage. The professionals should handle mold removal in Federal Way. Here are some of the remediation steps SERVPRO uses:

  •   Inspection – Our technicians inspect your property for visible signs of mold. Since mold can hide, we use various techniques such as moisture sensors, to detect mold and hidden water.
  •   Containment – Containment procedures are necessary to prevent the spread of the mold. The extent of the damage determines the method used. Fans, heating systems, and cooling systems are turned off during the cleaning process.
  •   Air filtration - Our specialized filtration system captures microscopic pores out of the air. Powerful air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums help prevent the spread of mold spores during the restoration process.
  •   Cleaning – We use antifungal and antimicrobial agents to eliminate mold colonies. This also helps prevent new colonies from forming. This step includes disposing of porous material, such as drywall, that is infected.
  •   Restoration – Our trained crews may be able to clean furniture, curtains, clothing, and restorable items such as glass vases. 

If the mold infestation is limited to your cabinet, the mold remediation should be straight forward. If it has spread beyond where you can see, more in-depth repairs may need to take place. This can include replacing drywall and carpets, painting, or area reconstruction.

Contact SERVPRO of Federal Way at (253) 838-8999 for expert mold removal service.

What to Do About Fire Damage in Your Federal Way Retail Outlet

6/22/2022 (Permalink)

matches burning Unfortunately, commercial fire damage happens. Your SERVPRO of Federal Way team is always on call to restore your business.

Restoration of Fire Damaged Shops in Federal Way

Not all businesses prepare for critical events. SERVPRO can help companies in Federal Way recover from fire damage quickly and with less fuss. We can eliminate the soot and odor, perform the controlled demolition, and carry out the rebuilding that gets your business up and running again.

Fire damage to a Federal Way shop causes problems in several ways. SERVPRO has the response affected business owners need to minimize profit loss and maximize the outcome. 

We understand your concerns regarding a quick recovery, insurance requirements, and costs incurred for inventory and reconstruction replacement materials. Our dedicated and experienced team knows how to manage any size project, resulting in specific-to-you work. Working under our contractor license (SERVPCS911LE), we provide:

  • Professional guidance of timeframes, possible floor plan changes, and insurance assistance,
  • Rapid response and the initiation of necessary cleanup and reconstruction, and
  • Deodorization on an as-needed basis.

Our crew leader can explain how long rebuilding takes and when your shop can reopen. Because fires sometimes cause gutting, business owners often see changes in floor plans as an unexpected and positive surprise, and we can show you how such changes might lower your total costs. Reimbursement of losses to your building, inventory, and any equipment in the shop and your offices typically requires verification. We can help list such losses to help make this process smoother.

Smoky air is uncomfortable to inhale, so one of the first things we do during projects involving post-fire reconstruction is to run an air scrubber. Allowing this to run while we perform tear-offs and clean otherwise undamaged materials helps keep soot from settling on surfaces. During this time, our reconstruction team is already taking measurements of materials needed and making lists and notations of imminent tasks.

When we perform post-construction deodorization for you, we can also inspect areas where soot tags, a web-like accumulation of smoke particles, often appear after a fire.

SERVPRO of Federal Way is always here to help area businesses of all sizes recover from fire damage. Call us at (253) 838-8999, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Scoping Federal Way Office Contents for Fire Damage Restoration

4/25/2022 (Permalink)

Inside floor view of office; view of floors and cubicles Everything in your office, from furniture personal items is susceptible to fire damage.

Content Assessment Helps Focus Fire Restoration in Federal Way Office Buildings

Contents are present in every building and business, so responding technicians prioritize providing appropriate preventative care when disasters like fires occur. Several fire loss results like:

  • Soot Damage
  • Odors
  • Blistering
  • Water Damage

Office Furniture

Fire damage restoration for Federal Way offices includes damage to several contents and items throughout the building. Furniture is one of the most impacted groups of contents after a fire loss, as chairs, desks, and cubicles can take up the most significant space against circulating soot and smoke debris.


Electronics are a common staple of the modern office, from the multiple computers and monitors to the equipment used to file paperwork and general office activities. Fires threaten these items with the circulating soot and smoke residues that come to rest on the surfaces or infiltrate vents and openings to get inside the exterior of these necessary elements.

Documents and Records

Between the combustion, spreading smoke loss effects, and water used to suppress a fire, documents, and hard copies of records for clients and customers can be destroyed. Our SERVPRO professionals must work fast to help in these situations and relocate these items to a safe place on the property to prevent this irreparable harm.

Personal Items

Employees are encouraged to bring in some personal belongings and decorations to make workspaces feel more comfortable and unique. Personal items are as sensitive to soot and smoke damage as the furniture, so these must also be included in the cleaning and recovery processes of the team.

When fires impact your office, there are several layers of potential effects, from odors and soot to the destruction of contents. Our SERVPRO of Federal Way fire restoration specialists work fast to help get your business back up and operating normally again after disasters. You can reach our response team anytime by calling (253) 838-8999.

Why Is Rapid Water Mitigation Essential for Federal Way Businesses?

1/18/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo SERVPRO commercial damage restoration services are second to none. We have the manpower and equipment for every size of disaster.

SERVPRO Prioritizes Halting Water Damage Spread in Federal Way Commercial Buildings

After a burst pipe, ceiling leak, or sewer backup requiring cleaning up, you will hear many confusing terms concerning your affected commercial building in Federal Way. Water mitigation, water damage remediation, water damage restoration are all used in connection with the recovery. Each of these phrases has its place while planning clean up of water damage and repairs. Mitigation is especially critical, the foundation of the other tasks.

What Happens During Water Mitigation in Federal Way Businesses?

Put, water mitigation, as practiced by IICRC-certified firms like SERVPRO, stop the spread of water damage and removes the existing water intrusion. Fast action is needed to protect your business, including the following and more. Depending on circumstances we::

  • Shut off the main or ancillary supply line to halt the flow of water from incursions like a ruptured water heater or malfunctioning dishwasher pump 
  • Open the drain in an overflowing tub or sink
  • Use lightweight wands attached to an extractor to stop the migration of water from wet to dry areas of wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Pump water more than two inches deep out of confined areas
  • Squeegee water across floors to waiting pumps or truck-mounted extractors before running the extractor over the surface, suctioning the standing water into tanks for lawful disposal
  • Employ advanced water removal techniques like floor mats and other Injectidry-type solutions using negative air pressure to pull moisture from multiple floor layers or building cavities
  • Complete applied structural drying through air movement, temperature manipulation, and dehumidifiers 

What Happens After Water Mitigation?

SERVPRO project managers direct IICRC-trained technicians to provide the above emergency services while water damage remediation and restoration strategy planning continue. Remediation options concentrate on salvaging materials and contents. Then restoration, relating to needed repairs and rebuilding after controlled demolition during mitigation, rounds out the protocol. SERVPRO's general contractor license allows us to provide the build back required.

Advanced training in industry best practices and extensive water damage mitigation through restoration experience steadfastly guides SERVPRO of Federal Way. Line up our skilled team to support your water-damaged business with one call to (253) 838-8999.

Do You Have Water Damage? Call Skilled Restoration Technicians to Your Federal Way Commercial Property!

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded stairway Finding out that water damage has affected your business does not need to stop progress for long. Contact Team SERVPRO to assess and remediate.

SERVPRO Uses Proven Water Damage Restoration Methods to Ensure Best Results in Federal Way

It is not only imperative your Federal Way business stays open, but you also need to ensure safety for your customers and employees alike. Rapid water cleanup is best whether you have a retail space, offices, or a foodservice business. SERVPRO features experienced IICRC-certified technicians ready to handle any size project, day or night. We not only act fast to facilitate water removal, but we also get drying underway to limit secondary damage. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Are you looking for assistance with commercial water damage restoration in Federal Way? Let us go over some of the steps we take when called for emergency services water damage projects:

  • Assessment – The commercial space gets evaluated by our crew chief. We look at the water migration path, damage levels, safety hazards, contents and inventory saturation, and possible secondary damage.
  • Drying – A plan for drying gets formulated, but we adjust accordingly and move our equipment to better achieve our drying goals while restoring relative humidity (RH).
  • Extraction – Water removal begins with the help of powerful pumps, industrial-grade tools, and other specialized equipment.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – The team sets up air scrubbers that use HEPA filters to help pull potentially hazardous elements from the air.
  • Controlled Demolition – In some cases where water damage occurs, reconstruction is necessary to get your business back to looking as it did pre-water incident. Unsalvageable building materials get removed, flood cuts might get made, and everything gets replaced to make it look “Like it never even happened.”

We know that daily operations are essential to your commercial space, so we are here for all the water damage restoration needs you have. Call SERVPRO of Federal Way 24/7 for rapid response at (253) 838-8999.

Addressing Simple Factors That Mess up Fire Damage Cleanup in Federal Way Business Premises

10/29/2021 (Permalink)

a phone on fire on a table When fire damage affects your business, everything stops. Contact SERVPRO for effective fire damage cleanup including trained technicians.

SERVPRO Focuses on the Burnt Materials and Moisture Levels to Help Expedite the Cleaning Process

Cleaning up your Federal Way business premises after a fire incident is necessary to clear debris and residues or restore discolored surfaces. Fire damage cleanup is generally difficult. However, some factors can mess up with your plans, complicating the process even further. 

The two main things that influence fire damage cleanup in Federal Way business premises are the materials burnt and the level of moisture at the loss site. SERVPRO classifies materials broadly as natural or synthetic when determining their effects on the cleaning process. Typical synthetic materials include plastics and rubber. Unlike natural materials, synthetic materials leave wet and smeary residues that require significant cleaning effort, especially through dry cleaning methods.  

Removing wet smoke residues from synthetic materials requires:

  • Use of industrial cleaning agents
  • Striping off surfaces and refinishing them
  • Use of specialized cleaning methods such as soda blasting

Moisture can originate from different sources at a fire loss site. In a commercial setting, an automatic fire suppression system such as a sprinkler system can release a significant volume of water, leaving vast property sections wet from the ceiling, walls to the floor. Moisture sets soot residues making it difficult to clean them. The combination of heat, moisture, and smoke residues also causes yellowing of vast surfaces. 

Establishing various moisture control measures at the fire-damaged property helps improve the cleaning process. For instance, our SERVPRO technicians set up dehumidifiers on arrival to minimize humidity levels. We also extract any pooling water minimizing moisture interaction with smoke residues. Eliminating moisture also allows the use of faster dry cleaning methods such as vacuuming.

SERVPRO of Federal Way takes care of any challenges that impede fire damage cleanup, thus restoring preloss conditions faster. Call us at (253) 838-8999. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Unique Advantages Do Water Restoration Companies Offer Federal Way Businesses?

9/26/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded storage building with boxes floating through the water When your business has water damage, time is of the essence. Call our SERVPRO team right away for effective water removal and restoration services.

SERVPRO Has Highly Trained and Fully Equipped Water Restoration Technicians

Any type of water intrusion has the potential to drive you out of business if improperly handled. At the very least, it leaves floor surfaces at your Federal Way premises slick, increasing the hazard of slip and fall accidents for your staff or customers. Water is also detrimental to many of the materials causing rust, mold, rot, and other problems.

Having the appropriate gear is one of the crucial aspects of managing water intrusions. Water restoration companies ensure Federal Way business owners have easy access to any needed resources, whether it is moisture detection devices, extraction equipment, specialized drying equipment, and general safety equipment. SERVPRO production trucks are packed with everything from wet floor signs, portable extractors, dehumidifiers to moisture sensors and meters.

Sufficient knowledge is also essential since it helps ensure:

  • Appropriate equipment matching to tasks 
  • Better estimation of timelines
  • Appropriate use of equipment preventing damages or accidents

Matching equipment to tasks applies because of the physical differences of the materials affected by the water intrusion. One such difference is the porosity which might influence the choice of drying equipment. To the ordinary person, any dehumidifier may seem appropriate for a task. However, advanced training ensures SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians choose differently. For instance, when drying hardwood, we opt for desiccant dehumidifiers since the equipment matches the low evaporation of such materials.

Knowing how best to operate the equipment for maximum efficiency is also essential since it can cut down the timelines or help save more items. Our SERVPRO technicians can set up containment such as plastic sheets over wooden floors to increase dehumidification efficiency. We also vent hot, dry air from dehumidifiers into the contained area boosting the drying process further.

SERVPRO of Federal Way is one of the premier water restoration companies that provide tailored moisture management solutions. Call us at (253) 838-8999. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Fast Extraction Solutions for Des Moines Office Buildings

8/4/2021 (Permalink)

a broken copper pipe with water leaking from it Having a burst pipe at your business location can certainly cause problems. Contact our experienced SERVPRO team for effective water removal.

Removing Water Quickly from Des Moines Commercial Structures is the First Step in Full Restoration

An office building can quickly become irreparably harmed by burst pipes or flooding. Our fast response can rescue important documents, furniture, and equipment from these changing conditions.

What Considerations Are Needed Before Extraction Can Begin?

With so many businesses and commercial properties that could experience water damage in Des Moines, our restoration team rises to the occasion as a large loss recovery provider. With our fast response, we can implement specific mitigation strategies that precede water removal services. These include content relocation and structural damage assessment.

What Large Extractors Work Best for Open Areas?

Choosing among the best extraction devices in our inventory is not always a straightforward decision. Many factors play a role in the ideal removal tools, especially when substantial water damage exists. Office buildings can require specialty removal equipment like weighted extractors, though the bulk of water removal rests on:

  • Truck-mount pumps
  • Trash pumps
  • Wet vacuums

With so many open areas in your office building, water can spread quickly throughout the structure and pose problems for those still working. Our fast response to these emergencies can ensure that extraction tools get used appropriately and efficiently to remove standing water as soon as possible before low pile carpeting, and other contents become irreparably harmed. Our SERVPRO of Federal Way team is available 24/7 at (253) 838-8999.

SERVPRO Helps Federal Way Businesses to Get Mold Damage Under Control

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO's skilled technicians have the tools and experience to put an end to mold damage on your property.

Federal Way Establishments Count on SERVPRO for Mold Removal

Discovering mold damage on your Federal Way commercial property can be stressful. Mold brings all sorts of problems with it, including the risk of structural damage, aesthetic issues, and not to forget, mold can cause health effects to your staff and customers. Professional mold specialists of SERVPRO can deal with these problems, allowing you to focus on what matters the most- your business. 

SERVPRO technicians use a targeted approach to remediate mold damage from your Federal Way property. Mold is present everywhere in the form of highly resistant airborne spores. Once the spores find a conducive environment with high humidity and warmth, they germinate and grow rapidly. SERVPRO, unlike many other restorers, understands that mold can never be truly removed. We can, however, perform mold remediation to get the mold problem under control. 

Mold Remediation Steps That SERVPRO Techs Take at Federal Way Properties

The IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians take the following steps during mold remediation of Federal Way properties-

  • Mold Inspection- SERVPRO techs perform a thorough inspection to spot any visible signs of mold. Our mold specialists may also take air samples to figure the type of mold present.
  • Containment- SERVPRO understands the importance of keeping the doors of your business open. We work hard to contain the damage by sealing off the affected area. 
  • Mold Cleanup- Antifungal and antimicrobials are used to clean the colonies of mold from hard surfaces thoroughly. Porous surfaces might need replacement if the damage is extensive.
  • Address the Underlying Problem- Our technicians help you identify and rectify any potential moisture issue to prevent a recurring mold problem. 

Call SERVPRO of Federal Way at (253) 838-8999; we are available 24/7. 

Can Commercial Fires Lead to Permanent Structural Damage?

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle After a fire, many times demolition is necessary. SERVPRO has the training for safe debris removal and building restoration.

SERVPRO of Federal Way is Here to Help Local Business Owners Overcome Fire Damage

The extent of damage a structure sustains from a fire depends on the materials burning, temperature, and the length of time that the structure is exposed to fire. Commercial buildings can often be adversely affected by an out-of-hours fire as these generally burn longer before firefighters are called. 

Restoring severe fire damage in your Federal Way business is possible even when damages have affected the structure. Most buildings have a wood or metal framework underpinning the building assembly. These can become charred or blackened by exposure to direct flames or high temperatures. SERVPRO has a range of methods for restoring the structural framework of business premises. 

  • Scraping charred frames or using an abrasion blaster can remove the structure's surface layers and return it to a good condition.
  • If abrasion blasting risks damaging the structural integrity, we can seal the surfaces to reduce visible signs of charring or odor.
  • SERVPRO works alongside structural engineers when assessing the safety and integrity of frameworks adversely affected by the fire.

Professional restoration services can speed up premises recovery. Contact SERVPRO of Federal Way for commercial fire damage restoration at (253) 838-8999.

Can Smoke Damaged Booths Be Salvaged in a Federal Way Diner Fire?

2/3/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo If your property is damaged in a fire, SERVPRO of Federal Way is here to help. Contact us for any fire restoration needs.

Smoke can cause fire damage, but SERVPRO can remediate the problem in most cases

Any type of eatery is subject to kitchen fires. In commercial kitchens, they are typically contained quickly, but they can still do damage. Smoke and soot can spread rapidly and settle throughout the diner.

Can the Vinyl Covered Booths Be Cleaned?

The last thing you want is fire damage in your Federal Way retro diner. A fire can close a business down. Even if the blaze is contained quickly, the smoke and soot can ruin fixtures, furniture, and the diner content if not dealt with as soon as possible. Food items can be damaged by not only soot but by high heat. Depending on the intensity of the fire, we can often repair your booths. We handle the restoration depending on the components:

  • Vinyl covering – We use specialized wet chemicals to clean the booth seating as vinyl resists water-based agents. 
  • Formica tabletops – Formica tabletops and countertops can be cleaned with dry cleaners. Wet cleaners are used if the damage is severe enough.
  • Metal fixtures – Wet cleaning is typically recommended for metal.

SERVPRO of Federal Way can provide fire damage mitigation in Federal Way. We help to restore your company. For more information, contact us at (253) 838-8999.

Des Moines Residents Prepare for an Unforgettable New Years Day Walk

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

saltwater state park, WA SERVPRO provides commercial water damage cleanup and restoration to Des Moines area structures while you go fishing at Saltwater State Park

Saltwater State Park in Des Moines is Hosting this Year's Annual Walk

The Saltwater State Park is located in Des Moines between Seattle and Tacoma. Just off the Interstate highway, there are several serene walking trails and camping facilities. To celebrate the new year, an organized walk of the Ravine Loop Trail takes place at 10:30 am on the 1st of January. The promenade stretches to two miles in distance, making it well suited to all ages and hiking abilities. At the same time, a first-day paddle in the Marine Protected area is taking place. Saltwater State Park is one of the more popular green spaces thanks to its long stretches of sandy beaches, wildlife preservations, and camping options. An experienced guide gives this year's walk and finishes at a nearby cafe for refreshments.

  • The Saltwater State Park encompasses 137 acres with a 1,445 foot stretch of beach along the Puget Sound.
  • Paddle boating and diving to see the protected marine life is encouraged.
  • Fishing and shellfishing are acceptable, providing users own a recreational license from Washington State.

A fire in your business could lead to temporary closure and lost revenue. Contact SERVPRO of Federal Way at (253) 838-8999 for commercial restoration.

What Factors Contributed to the Growth of Federal Way?

11/22/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on the wall of a room Contact SERVPRO to be your mold inspection team. Our technicians are experts at rooting out the causes of mold damage.

Federal Way Area Has Developed Over a Long Time Period

Federal Way is a city that continues to grow, evolve, and thrive. With its positioning so close to Tacoma, it is a welcomed escape for many from the more congested city feel. As the population grows, so does the commercial and industrial opportunities for the residents here. Ultimately, the objective is to permit this growing community to be a place that its occupants no longer need to leave to achieve their employment, entertainment, or even educational aspirations. With an estimated population nearing 100,000, Federal Way has moved into the top 10 largest cities in the state and is closer to achieving these lofty goals.

Newly Incorporated

While the area has been known as Federal Way since around 1930, it did not exist as it does now until 1990. Within the first ten years as a city, the population grew by over 23% from around 67,000 residents to more than 83,000. Each subsequent census also saw a minimum of a 7% growth to the area, so that now the city is said to have close to 100,000. This uptick in population has already made Federal Way one of the largest cities in the state and welcomed a diverse assortment of retail locations, cuisine, and industry/manufacturing facilities.

Despite the rapid growth of the city's immediate area with housing developments and apartment structures as more and more residents seek a place within the borders, this slice of King County has not lost its scenic appeal. The city boasts multiple parks and nature reserves, preserving quiet areas for botanical gardens, wildlife, and the rest of area residents.


The ability to keep residents in the city for gainful employment is one of the many reasons that Federal Way sustained growth over decades, even before the incorporation in 1990. There are hundreds of businesses, shops, and manufacturing facilities that help thousands of families exceed the base cost of living for a residence and utilities to live comfortably in a widening middle-class majority.


While the arts have always had a place in Washington, primarily through area fairs and festivals in Tacoma and other nearby cities, entertainment is an area where the town seems to be catching up. Live theater might have been halted over the past year, but most expect it and the many movie theaters, art galleries, and other venues to make a surging comeback when the time comes.

Perhaps one of the most significant contributions to the local economy and the entertainment factor throughout most of the year is the renowned Wild Waves Theme & Water Park. This is the only permanent amusement park in the Greater Seattle area. The park features close to 40 rides and attractions, ranging from roller coasters and thrill rides to slides.

Retail Growth

The consistent rise in population has welcomed general gentrification to the area with shops and niche locations tailored to a younger demographic. Shopping centers have played a significant role in managing these locations in a singular, convenient place. One of the most popular of these options is the Commons at Federal Way, which is the only indoor shopping mall in the city located on South 320th Street. The Commons features over 90 stored, including several large anchors.

In addition to The Commons, Federal Way residents can also appreciate various shopping experiences and retail therapy through multiple shopping centers and plazas in town such as the SeaTac Village Shopping Center, Gateway Center, Quad Shopping Center, and the Northshore Village.

Nearby Higher Educational Opportunities

While there are no higher education institutions within city limits, there are many within a ten-mile drive from Federal Way. These schools' presence can help reduce the influx of high school graduates seeking the next level of their education farther from home. Washington State University, the University of Washington, and Gonzaga University are all highly regarded in both education and athletics. However, local institutions can rival this with their connection to these schools or their standalone programs. Some of the top regional universities and colleges for Federal Way residents are:

  • University of Washington-Tacoma
  • University of Puget Sound
  • Tacoma Community College
  • Green River Community College
  • Highline Community College
  • DeVry University Washington

The pursuit of degrees closer to home allows students from Federal Way to get a foot in the door with a developing and thriving industry in our area. Once they have a Bachelor's Degree in specific niches, they are even more equipped to get a profitable job here in King County or the Greater Tacoma/Puget Sound area.

How Does Mold Impact Federal Way Businesses?

Given that so much of the area must contend with higher moisture content due to an influx of annual rainfall and the proximity to the Puget Sound, mold becomes a consistent concern for area homes and businesses. The presence of mold in shops, stores, and hotels puts more than the employees at exposure risks. As soon as microbial threats are possible in your businesses, you should rely on experienced remediation professionals like our SERVPRO team to help. We have testing and sampling solutions that can determine the concentrations of mold spores in potentially damaged areas. We are available 24/7 for mold inspection in Federal Way businesses.

Remediation Is different from removal, as the work focuses exclusively on eliminating active colonization and not mold spores that naturally occur in every environment. To accomplish this, our technicians must choose among several remediation strategies ranging from controlled demolition to abrasive surface cleaning. With a general contracting license (SERVPCS911LE), our building trade professionals can oversee repairs, reconstruction, and any business's demolition needs.

Containment is a considerable step in preventing exposure and cross-contamination for your staff and customers. Framing and plastic poly-sheeting can create a barrier that spores cannot penetrate. These barriers create a drying zone that makes airflow, temperature, and moisture regulation more manageable and efficient.

Mold can be a destructive presence, but our SERVPRO of Federal Way team can help you get back to business as usual. Call us today at (253) 838-8999.

How Do Professional Companies Stop Water Damage?

10/9/2020 (Permalink)

Water stains on a ceiling. Water damage to your business can be stressful, let SERVPRO take the reins.

A Water Leak in a Commercial Property Can Quickly Escalate in Cost. SERVPRO Specializes in Water Mitigation for Businesses in the Federal Area.

How long does it take before my business can re-open after a water leak?

Water leaks can often be contained to one area of your Federal Way business premises. By containing the damages to one site, we can reduce the amount of time it takes to perform the restoration. Often the central focus of containing water issues is by putting in place an efficient drying program for your business. These could include cordoning off a specific area of the company to continue while the water restoration procedure is underway. Our technicians always aim to work around a business's needs when performing drying, cleaning, or restoration of the premises. 

What are the critical criteria for efficient drying?

  • The amount of water that needs evaporating 
  • Temperature is a factor since warm air is capable of holding more moisture than cold air
  • Humidity controls and air movement are essential to keeping a consistent drying program

What temperatures provide ideal drying conditions?

When performing water mitigation in your Federal Way business, our first step is to establish a closed or open drying system. Closed-systems involve sealing a room to ensure that we have maximum control over the indoor atmosphere. The more power our technicians have over-temperature, air-movement, and humidity, the more effective the drying system can be. Our technicians can bring with them exterior furnaces and industrial dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process for larger commercial properties. The ideal conditions for drying a property are temperatures of between 70 and 90 degrees.

What specific methods are used for drying commercial properties?

  • Extraction and consistent air-movement to keep wet air off surfaces
  • A relative humidity level of between 30% and 60% 
  • Temperature levels remaining between 70 and 90 degrees

Drying your commercial property is vital to mitigating potential losses. Contact SERVPRO of Federal Way at (253) 838-8999.

My Apartment Complex in Des Moines Is Flooded -- What Should I Do Next?

5/23/2020 (Permalink)

apartment in a complex that is flooded Flood damage can wreak havoc in your home. Make sure to contact SERVPRO immediately after an event.

Contact Your Local SERVPRO Immediately -- Our Crews Are Ready to Help Flood-Damaged Des Moines Businesses 24/7

Very few events affect your Des Moines tenants as profoundly as flooding. Just last fall, our community struggled with mudslides and flooding after heavy rains brought entire hillsides down, mixed with several inches of water because of the sustained periods of precipitation. If that mix slams into the apartments or condos you own or manage it is disastrous not only for the structure of multi-family residential buildings, but also for the furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions of your renters.

How Can I Prepare for a Flooding Catastrophe?

It is always a good idea when you run a business to line up contractors who can help with emergencies like flood damage to your Des Moines residential complex. If you reached out to a particular restoration contractor for a personal loss and were happy with the service, check to see if that company also helps with commercial jobs. Talk to others in trade associations to get recommendations and think about checking with the insurance company providing coverage for the business property. Insurers often have a “shortlist” of restoration companies that are reliable and prompt during trying circumstances. If you choose us, we urge the development of an Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP) with us long before any disaster occurs.

How Do We Stand Out from the Rest of the Restoration Companies that Handle Commercial Jobs?

SERVPRO has earned a reputation in our area for premier mitigation and remediation services and features an impressive inventory of heavy-duty water removal and drying equipment in Des Moines. We work hard for our commercial customers, understanding that helping business managers and owners has a positive effect on the entire community, especially when the damage scenario is complicated and impacts many. As a matter of course, we work with your insurer, which might become complicated when a number of your tenants are coping with direct flood damage or issues following the migration of flood waters from other units. We can scale our response to your needs and the requirements of dislocated and distressed renters.

What Will Flood Restoration in an Apartment Complex Look Like?

Of course, every apartment building presents with a different set of circumstances after a flooding event. Many of the basic tasks are the same from job to job, however, and what we would expect during a flooding recovery most likely includes the following:

Safety Walk Through

  • Does the electricity need to be shut off until adequate mitigation completes to avoid shock? 
  • Are any other utility lines damaged, for example, is there the smell of gas?
  • What types of debris or chemicals are in the flood waters?
  • Will workers need to shovel out mud and silt?
  • Is there sewage in the fluids and debris?
  • Does waste need containment and lawful disposal?
  • Are any supporting structural components damaged, including ceilings or walls that could collapse?
  • Do workers need to shore up walls, board up windows, tarp roofs?

 Emergency Services

Once safety issues are controlled, and the damaged space is mucked out, our technicians position submersible pumps. Truck-mounted extractors then suction up the bulk of the water.


Because migration of the fluids from unit to unit is guaranteed, our trained technicians use the following to follow the water:

  • Moisture detectors to locate the water
  • Thermal imaging to locate the water and absorbed moisture in structures
  • Moisture meters to measure moisture levels in structures to inform drying goals

Controlled Demolition

Flood cuts and drilled or sawed holes facilitate the release of water trapped in building cavities. We use portable extractors to contain this fluid. The openings made also permit the free flow of warm, dry air during the drying phase.

Cleaning and Disinfection

EPA-registered cleaners and disinfectants remove soiling and inhibit molds and infectious pathogens on surfaces.

Structural Drying

Our technicians calculate the number of air movers and heaters needed to evaporate absorbed water out of building materials. We also determine the number and type of dehumidifiers required. When we position the equipment, we choose the most efficacious angle for the air movement and dehumidifying. Throughout this phase, we monitor moisture levels and chart the data until we reach the goals earlier calculated.

Can SERVPRO Help Build Back the Apartment Complex after the Remediation Finishes?

Handling all the tasks needed for the flooding mitigation and remediation through one company certainly reduces the disruption and the stress of those significant undertakings. We also understand that the original flood damage to structures plus any building demolition completed to release water or provide access for drying equipment needs attention.  We hold a license as a General Contractor for the state of Washington and are fully prepared to repair, replace, and rebuild any adapted or damaged structures.

How can SERVPRO of Federal Way meet your needs when a commercial property you manage or own has flood damage? Call us at (253) 838-8999 to learn how we can handle the entire project from assessment to the final touches after reconstruction.

Contractor Licenses:

General: SERVPCS911LE

What Can I Do to Prepare for Water Damage?

5/11/2020 (Permalink)

Cell phone showing a SERVPRO app with the words “Put help in the palm of your habd with the ready plan app” Help in the palm of your hand.

Commercial Water Removal Federal Way – Frequent Moisture Issues

Some properties never experience a water problem of any kind. While other commercial properties appear to have frequent problems with plumbing leaks, sump pump failures, window leaks, and more. These properties must continuously deal with operations interruptions while the water is removed. There is also the corresponding revenue and profit impact when a business must shut down or curtail operations.

SERVPRO provides water removal services in Federal Way and surrounding areas. We have the expertise to manage water leaks and focus on water cleanup as quickly as possible. We understand how important it is to resume operations. That's why our teams are available on a 24/7 basis, and we arrive at your site within four hours to address your company's water removal issues. We also offer our Emergency READY Program (ERP) to help our clients minimize their downtime from various disasters.

Manage Frequent Water and Moisture Impacts on your Business

We developed the Emergency READY Program to help our customers lower the risk of experiencing water-related issues and also reduce the time required to recover from a water-related event. The program is free and involves the creation of a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile for each building in the program.

Gathering critical information in advance can reduce reaction time for your employees as well as SERVPRO teams arriving on-site to deal with a water removal challenge. Your employees know whom to call if there is an emergency. We include emergency numbers for senior decision-makers, location of water shutoff valves, keys to doors needed to access closed rooms, and much more. We tailor each SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile to your company and needs.

SERVPRO has found that minutes and hours are saved in reacting to an emergency, which can reduce downtime in your business significantly. Reduced water damage, reduced repair or reconstruction costs, and reduced time off the job benefit the bottom line and improve service to your customers.

Call SERVPRO of Federal Way at (253) 838-8999 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Federal Way, Des Moines, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Water Has Ruined My Office: Now What?

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

puddle of water over the wood laminate flooring with splashing When water damage threatens your office, call SERVPRO

Call the Specialists At SERVPRO to Handle the Water Damage in Your Federal Way Office

A leaky roof can cause rainwater to drip from the ceiling and ruin the building materials or items in your office. A pipe can also burst, and water can pool on the floor. It may not be as severe as you think. Still, you need to take action immediately to prevent further damage to the building materials and furniture. 

What can Water Damage Restorers Do?

Water damage in a Federal Way office can cause severe destruction. In the event of water damage, the items in your office are vulnerable to damage. Moisture can penetrate the wood components of the furniture, causing them to warp, swell or split. Moisture that remains on metal components can cause rusting or a reduction of strength. The steps our SERVPRO team can take include:

  • Inspecting the furniture to determine if it is salvageable
  • Identifying any safety risks present
  • Wiping the water and moisture from the items

What Can Restorers Do to Remove the Water and Moisture?

If water has pooled in your office, our team can use portable pumps to extract it. We can also check the ceiling to see if there is water on it, which can lead to its collapse. Our SERVPRO teams can also inspect the subfloors to ensure they have not deteriorated to the point of being unsafe. We can then dry out the affected areas using air movers and dehumidifiers

When you need water removal services in Federal Way, Des Moines, or Woodmont Beach, call SERVPRO of Federal Way at (253) 838-8999. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

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Water Cleanup in Federal Way

4/12/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property Our SERVPRO of Federal Way team can help with efficient drying and cleaning approaches.

What Is the Fastest Solution for Water Cleanup in My Federal Way Church?

Our SERVPRO professionals have efficient extraction and drying solutions to help you get back to normal operations quickly.

Pooling water in any Federal Way structure can become a damaging situation, from the potential construction material deterioration to the facilitation of mold growth. Addressing these concerns for your church offers another sense of urgency in that you want the building to be available for scheduled services and meetings. Choosing professional restoration like our SERVPRO team can often be a cost-effective and faster approach than managing the situation on your own.

Do I Need Professional Restoration for Water Damage?

    •    Experienced Professionals
    •    Fast Response
    •    Can Save Money

Water cleanup for Federal Way churches like yours is often more involved than many property managers might believe. As the spiritual leader, you have to determine what situations can get managed in-house, and when restoration professionals are necessary. Wherever advanced drying might be a requirement or water has potentially migrated to areas that are inaccessible to conventional drying approaches, it might be time to consider the experienced professionals of our SERVPRO team to help.

One of the unique advantages of choosing our professionals over other restoration companies is that We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. While this slogan might catch attention, it is built on a commitment to reaching damaged sites faster than other companies in the area. Our prompt response begins with our preparedness for water loss emergencies by keeping trailers and production vehicles stocked with axial and centrifugal air movers, dehumidifiers, electric submersible pumps, wet vacuums, and carpet cleaning equipment.

Weighing your options often involves which solution is the most cost-effective and efficient. Considering your timeline to get the facility back to running at its full capacity and the thorough drying necessary to prevent secondary effects like mold growth, the least costly option often becomes our SERVPRO professionals.

How Do I Dry Up Water Quickly?

    •    Extraction
    •    Drying Tools
    •    Specialty Drying Approaches

Restoring the damage to your Federal Way church involves multiple processes happening in quick succession. From the time that we first arrive at your building, we must begin employing our mitigation measures to reduce the migration of water damage and protect more of the structural elements and contents of the affected areas. Extraction is often the most immediately pressing of these needs, as standing water can penetrate porous materials and begin deteriorating them. We have multiple practical water removal tools, including submersible pumps, vacuums, and wands.

Surface water concerns are often only the beginning of the recovery efforts our SERVPRO team must take. Drying is a vital element to water restoration, and it can also encompass many machines and practices. While air movers are the backbone of this phase, evaporation can also occur with the use of drying mats, positive pressure systems, and portable electric heaters.

As useful as the deployment of axial and centrifugal air movers might be, they cannot exclusively efficiently dry out your damaged church. Hardwood and tile flooring are conventional in areas other than the sanctuary, which can be ideal uses of specialty drying equipment like our drying mats. Likewise, carpet wands can be beneficial in removing the majority of trapped water in carpets and padding underneath it in your sanctuary before practices like carpet floating complete the restoration of these materials.

What Do Professional Restorers Do with Furniture During Drying?

    •    Cleaning Installed Components
    •    Relocating Furniture
    •    Pack-Out Process

Many of the structural fixtures in areas like your sanctuary in the church are built into the room. Booths for running sound and video to the raised platform for the worship leaders and sermons cannot get removed and relocated to protect them from migrating water effects. Instead, our SERVPRO professionals must work on drying out these affected materials and clean them on-site where they have gotten installed.

There are some mounted pieces of furniture like the pews that are attached to the subflooring with screws and bolts, but that can get removed when it is necessary to do so. Cleaning these individual pews might require a dedicated workspace where our technicians can easily move upholstery cleaning equipment from one bench to the next.

Loose contents in the sanctuary or other affected areas of your Federal Way church might need more direct attention and restoration. As we intend to restore before replacing, the content management team at our warehouse can offer cleaning and drying approaches that can restore individual items on a case-by-case basis. We can safely store these items until restoration completes in the church.

Do Carpets Need to be Cleaned After a Water Loss?

    •    Damage Assessment
    •    Drying
    •    Deep Cleaning

Depending on the severity of the water loss, present contaminants or debris, and several other factors, it might be beneficial to consider carpet cleaning after a water loss incident. Because the carpet in the sanctuary area is often among the most costly of the flooring investments that you make in the building, protecting its vibrancy, feel, and functionality is an essential aspect of restoring your Federal Way church.

Before any cleaning or other recovery efforts can be relevant or helpful, the full drying of these materials must complete. Carpet can be one of the more challenging materials to dry because it has multiple layers that can each absorb and retain moisture. Fibers of the carpet have magnetism for collecting surface water, and it can quickly spread to the padding and OSB or plywood subflooring beneath the pad. Between carpet wands, floating with air movers, and potentially replacing the padding, we can manage the drying needs of this flooring before cleaning.

Deep cleaning approaches can vary for your carpet, depending on its pile height and types of fibers. From pretreatment conditioning for colorfastness to hot water extraction for heavy soils and staining, we can offer premier cleaning that improves the look and feel of this flooring.

After a water loss incident, you want your church to get back to normal as soon as possible. Our SERVPRO of Federal Way team can help with efficient drying and cleaning approaches. Give us a call anytime at (253) 838-8999.

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When Water Damage Interrupts Business in Federal Way Banquet Venues

2/18/2020 (Permalink)

tables and chairs set for meal in large event venue SERVPRO can quickly remediate the water damage and minimize disruption to your guests. Call us today!

Emergency Ready Profile Simplifies Commercial Water Removal from A Federal Way Hall

Repair works at a Federal Way banquet hall left a burst water line. The contractor used a clamp to stop water flow temporarily, but it later broke, releasing gallons of water and leaving many materials in the facility wet. Elaborate steps were necessary to remove all the water and restore the hall to its preloss state.

Proper management of the commercial water removal process in Federal Way was essential since water intrusion can have long-term implications if left unaddressed. The management at the facility was able to avert a catastrophic outcome because they had SERVPRO'S Emergency Ready Profile. Without a response plan in place, approximately 50% of businesses that close during loss incidents never reopen. The plan highlights crucial steps to take immediately after identifying such a loss, including locating shut off valves, as well as the phone numbers to call to get assistance.

The steps taken at the banquet hall had managed to control the worse aspects of the water loss, such as the free flow of water inside the building by the time our SERVPRO technicians arrived at the loss site. We could, therefore, start extraction of standing water and carry out other steps necessary during water removals, such as cleanup and drying, to stop the deterioration of materials. Our truck-mounted water extractors helped expedite the removal process with their higher lift and volume capacities.

The faster response time meant surface water had minimal chance to soak into materials. When moisture migrates deep into materials, the outcome is a lengthened drying process. It also leads to the deterioration of porous materials necessitating the demolition of affected surfaces. In the hall, these additional steps were not necessary. We set up several units of air movers and dehumidifiers around the hall to help control the drying process.

Successful water removal requires the availability and proper management of resources. Call SERVPRO of Federal Way at (253) 838-8999 to help take care of any loss at your property, "Like it never even happened." 

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We Get You Back In Business in Des Moines After A Fire

12/27/2019 (Permalink)

One of our fire cleaning station facilities Our fire content cleaning stations are located right inside our facility. We have the technology and staff to properly mitigate contents in house.

Salon Feels New After Restoration of A Commercial Fire Damage Incident in Des Moines 

Fire damage can transform a place with the best ambiance to feel like a dump in a matter of minutes. An unattended hair curling iron ignited a small fire in a Des Moines salon, which was aggravated by the highly combustible styling and hygiene products next to the iron. Although contained early, the fire left most areas covered in smoke residues and charred contents.

When the owner called SERVPRO to help restore the commercial fire damage loss in Des Moines, the biggest worry was whether the salon would regain its preloss state by merely cleaning it since other restoration solutions such as replacing materials would be too costly. Our crew chief took the time to explain various cleaning approaches that we could use to handle different challenges.

The main areas of concern were the oily smoke residues on wall panels, which would require considerable effort to clean and the ceiling tiles, which could be damaged by wet cleaning. Our SERVPRO technicians used their advanced training in fire and smoke restoration techniques to handle such challenges safely. After inspecting the site, we realized that we could clean the ceiling using a specialized technique called peroxide-active cleaning, which removes residues from ceiling tiles without damaging them as regular wet cleaning would. For the wall surfaces, chemical sponges helped remove fire damage residues without leaving smudges or damaging the wall panels through moisture exposure.

Away from the construction materials, charring was visible on some of the furniture while residues had deeply stained the granite countertop. For a business that deals with looks, options like heavy abrasion that would mess with the finish or leaving stains in place were not acceptable. The owner was also not eager to foot a replacement bill. Our SERVPRO technicians found a better solution by using a soda blaster, which helped remove the residue stains and charring without damaging the surfaces.

Fire causes a wide range of damages. Call SERVPRO of Federal Way at (253) 838-899 to help find a solution that deals with any issue, "Like it never even happened."

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Unique Approaches for Commercial Properties and Water Damage

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage at commercial properties can present unique challenges in drying and restoring the building. Depending upon the nature of the loss in the building, a variety of drying techniques may be utilized.  As referenced in a previous blog post about commercial properties found here, the severity of the loss can dictate what kind of equipment is used.  A large scale event, such as a multiple story water damage loss, may need a franchise with a large loss team with manpower and multiple equipment placement per floor to effect the drying process.  In a building with multiple tenants renting spaces within, there may be multiple parties to be consulted as well as insurance aspects to be considered.  In a smaller commercial space, the local franchise is fully capable of getting the business owner’s space back into business. 

Our staff is highly trained to assess the situation and guide the business owners/property managers as to the steps needing to be taken to dry the structure.  By working quickly to effect drying, the quicker the commercial business can get back to their day to day revenue production.   When you experience a loss at your commercial building, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  From a small commercial event to a larger one, SERVPRO of Federal Way is fully capable of helping local business owners through their water damage loss and get them back into their daily business use. 

Give us a call today at 253-838-8999

Top 5 Suspects of Commercial Roofing Leaks

3/9/2018 (Permalink)

Drains are one of the top culprits in roof leaks on commercial buildings

Sitting in the entryway of the Advertising firm's office in Downtown Seattle, John felt a light sprinkle hit his hand as he was checking his email.

"Maybe it was just in my mind" he said to himself as he brushed the feeling off as accident.  Then cam another drip....and another.....John looked to the ceiling to find one of the ceiling tiles with a ring of moisture.

There were strong winds and rain in the prior week but today was sunny and not a cloud in the sky.  It was obvious to John that something wasn't right so he contacted his building's maintenance manager and asked him to take a look.

The maintenance manager knew the water was coming from the roof , and that it was probably one of the 5 problems that normally cause water damages in commercial roofs.






Once the source was identified the work began to clean up the damaged building materials that the leak had caused.  Trying to do this while still keeping the office running meant calling SERVPRO to help mitigate the damage.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.


SERVPRO specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Do you know where your Shut-Offs are?

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Shutoff Tags are an important part of a building's emergency plan

Knowing where your shutoffs are in your commercial building could save you thousands of unnecessary damage to your building.

Often times building owners will rely on the Fire Department to come in and shut off the water to the buildings once a loss has occurred.

Knowing where your shutoffs are and clearly marking them enables the building owner to shut off water several minutes before first responders can.

In the case of sprinklers that malfunction and turn on, just 1 minute less of water flowing could cut days off of a drying project.

If you don;t already , make sure you put together a plan of where the following shutoffs are:

  • Gas

  • Water

  • Electricity

Commercial buildings often times require elevated training and equipment to dry and repair.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints.

We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.


SERVPRO specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

February will finish as Seattle’s first drier-than-normal month since September

3/1/2018 (Permalink)

Clogged Drains and Heavy Rain can cause Water Damage

Looking back at the month of February, the wind and cold seemed to dominate the weather.  The Seattle Area experiences it’s first drier than normal month since September.  

January, however, experienced much wetter-than-normal conditions as over 8 inches fell onto the roofs of Seattle.  The normal for the month of January is just shy of 6 inches.

The extra rain in January, coupled with winds, meant several building owners were performing inspections to make sure the drain vents weren’t clogged and holding water.

Several times throughout the year SERVPRO clients will call when a blockage on their roof suddenly clears and overflows into the building.

Always check your roof/gutters after a particularly windy storm to make sure your drainage system is running smoothly.  

Seattle Area Building Boom Necessitating Pre Planning for Emergencies

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Seattle Area Construction boom is causing a need for Solid Planning

2017 was a big year for Residential and Commercial construction and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight!

Downtown Seattle alone experienced an additional 5,700 homes, almost 4 million square feet of office space, and 600+ hotel rooms.

Though these numbers are staggering, they are expected to rise by the time 2020 comes around.  In 2020 planners expect more than 17,000 homes to be built!

With the new square footage comes the challenges of making sure your Property Damage Emergency Services are pre planned Before an incident occurs.

SERVPRO of Federal Wayworks with Contractors, Building Owners, and Property Management Companies to set up Emergency Ready Plans.

This No Cost program gathers all of your important site/building information and makes it easily accessible if an event occurs.

This information is in physical form but is also available via Online (as well as our Free App) for your entire Team to access.  This information can be transferred from the General Contractor to the Property Management Team as the structures are commissioned.

If you would like more information on what an Emergency Ready Program would look like for your building or project, please contact us at 206-282-9500

Restoring Your Federal Way Commercial Property After A Water Damage Event

9/20/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage Events Present Unique Challenges

Flooding and water damage events at Federal Way commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of Federal Way

SERVPRO of Federal Way specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Meet Our Crew:

Company Profile and Certifications: